The Healthy Owl

Instagram Management & Strategy

The Story

Over our past four months of operation for our Marketing Agency we have had the opportunity to work with great companies in the region. Upon seeking new clients we met Dennis and Lora-Lee, Owners of the Healthy Owl. Dennis was doing a great job with running his business but was often very busy with his business operations and did not have time to run an effective social media account. While talking to Dennis we learned that he had tried to run his Instagram account but did not have the time or the knowledge to run his account and eventually gave up after not seeing substantial results.

Where We Came In

We came in to manage The Healthy Owls Instagram after eight months of inactivity. We are proud to say that in just one month we have increased the Healthy Owls overall followers by 23% (482 to 591) and average likes by 35% (37 to 50) with an increase in their top liked post from 57 to 72. We are also proud of our overall engagement levels which increased by 50% on their posts. All this growth for an Instagram account is great, but what we are really trying to accomplish with our management services is our increase in engagement levels and the amount of possible customers who are engaging with us constantly through our Instagram posts. We have gone from being an inactive Instagram account, to receiving countless follows per day from people in the region who are engaged with the content and are now interested and aware of what the Healthy Owl has to offer. In our months to come, we expect to see even greater growth and are looking to make the Healthy Owls Instagram page one of the largest and most engaged with in the region.

The Importance of Instagram for Every Business

Instagram is an amazing platform to be social with your customers, this means showcasing the value you provide to customers and your products in the best possible way, and interacting with customers. This allows you to be in your customers mind and will lead to more customers being attracted towards your company. At Money Key Marketing we are university students. But we see this as a huge advantage for us when it comes to social media management. We understand the platform better than any other marketing agency in the region and know what customers want to see. All while providing a creative and distinct outlook towards social media. Our size also allows us to provide affordable social media management and lets us focus on making sure our clients are always our first priority.

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