Homestyle Diner

Social Media Startup & Management

The Startup

Starting an Instagram account from scratch can be a daunting task for many business owners. Many business owners are very busy and do not have experience operating a business Instagram account. If this sounds like you, do not worry! This is the reality for most of business owners in today’s day and age. When we came in for Instagram Management with Homestyle Diner, they had tried Instagram once before around four years ago. Because the account had been inactive for so long we decided to start a brand-new Homestyle Diner Instagram account. Since we have started the Instagram account we have grown over 100 followers per month, and this is not stopping as we continue into our third month of management. Our initial startup of the account laid out the ground work in the demographic and location of the diner for optimal overall success of the Instagram account. Without this we would never have achieved the benchmarks that we have in such a short time period.  

The Success Story

The Homestyle Diner boasts one of the highest engagement rates out of any Instagram account in the Waterloo Region. Engagement is essentially how many people are interacting with your posts whether that is liking or commenting on your picture. This is such a huge thing for business Instagram accounts as it is evidence that people are engaged with your content and your brand is on your follower’s mind- which can translate to potential customers.After 3 months the Homestyle Diner Instagram is at an overall engagement level of 15.6%, compared to the industry average for business accounts in their sector of 1.66%. This is not a fluke and comes with years of experience in regard to Instagram algorithms and overall growth strategies for business accounts.We love to help businesses in the area grow their Instagram accounts and overall online presence, and we are good at it.

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